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Teacher Workshop Overview





The mission of the Environmental Health Sciences Teacher Workshop is to provide rigorous professional development for teachers in environmental health science lesson development and activities essential to effective teaching practices and leadership.


The workshop gives certified science teachers the opportunity to gain new and innovative skills and knowledge in the environmental health sciences. Through hands on professional learning and field activities, Tulane faculty in Environmental Health Sciences will serve as instructional leaders guiding teachers in the development and implementation of creative and engaging tools, lessons and activities in the environmental health sciences.

The workshop seeks to supplement high school science teacher leadership capacity by providing Environmental Health Science subject-area expertise, knowledge, and pedagogy necessary to engage students in dynamic learning experiences. Through the implementation the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core, and the Louisiana Department of Education Environmental Science Grade Level Expectations (GLEs), teachers will engage in hands on activities, lesson demonstrations, technology, and field experiences facilitating science instruction. Through rigorous professional development, rooted in the principles of effective teaching, teachers will observe and participate in creative lesson demonstrations.

Our goal is to impact public middle/high school science teachers in Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, and Plaquemines Parishes. The two-day workshop promotes professional learning communities embedded in discussion and collaboration, as well as offer teachers the opportunity to share effective teaching strategies, best teaching practices, and gain new knowledge in environmental health sciences. Through professional lesson demonstrations, teachers can become active instructional leaders promoting student engagement in their classrooms. The workshop also connects teachers to a network of instructional science teacher leaders, professional resources, and programs in the environmental health sciences community. Through the promotion of professional learning communities across schools, districts, and parishes, increased teacher efficacy, collaboration, and leadership in the outcome.





The Environmental Health Sciences Teacher Workshop is coming soon. Day one,  teachers will participate in a field experience relevant to environmental health issues in the community.   Day two,  teachers conduct lesson demonstrations (using EHS water, soil, and food kits) and hands on activities addressing environmental health science.   Workshop participants will receive the following educational materials worth over $3000.00:  LaMotte® Water Quality Educator Kit, LaMotte® Soil N-P-K Kit , and a LaMotte® Bio Paddle Kit. In addition teachers will also receive 16 Continuing Learning Units (CLU) for their participation.