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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Regretfully, the Emerging Scholars Environmental Health Sciences Academy is
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for 2019 while we search for additional funding to support the program.  

Jeffrey Wickliffe

Jeffrey Wickliffe, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor
Tulane University Department of Global Environmental Health Sciences

Jeffrey Wickliffe is a genetic toxicologist with expertise in both basic and population-based environmental health science who has a track record of research in both Texas and Louisiana. Dr. Wickliffe's research focuses on effects resulting from exposure to direct or metabolically-activated genotoxins and mutagens such as ionizing radiation, hazardous air pollutants, elemental metals, and engineered nano materials. His research lab develops and uses markers designed to define mechanisms of toxicity directly affecting nucleic acids or indirectly through non-genotoxic mechanisms and their influence on disease outcomes. Dr. Wickliffe is currently conducting research on the impact of the DWH oil spill on the New Orleans East Vietnamese community under a project funded by the National Science Foundation titled "Citizen Science and Environmental Technology."